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Welcome, and thank you for visiting RD Groundcare, its much much appreciated!

My name is Rob Dale – and in 2009 founded small, personal specialist sports turf maintenance company providing high quality sports ground preparation, maintenance and renovation services. We are City & Guilds qualified, experienced and fully insured for the wide variety of work we undertake.

At RDGroundcare we look after a number of sports grounds in Surrey, Hampshire and West Sussex area.  We prepare the ground throughout the year in preparation for match use once the season begins, giving a return from the very earliest opportunity. 

We use only the best specialist equipment and materials together with many years of experience to deliver the highest quality of service at an affordable price – whatever the requirements might be. 

As a company we seek to work in close partnership with the clubs or parishes, always striving to deliver a good return on investment. This typicaly involves hosting more games, or preparing and delivering maintenance schedules to improve playing surfaces.  We can also simply provide helpful advice when needed. 

We work in partnership with clubs’ management teams, adapting to their needs. As testament to this we have built good relationships, and retain clients that trust to use our services year in year out.

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RD Groundcare was launched in 2009 by me, Rob Dale!

Following many years spent coaching sport, I wanted a new challenging career so started as a groundsman at a top independent school in Surrey. The quality of the sports pitches and the aesthetics of the surroundings greatly add to the quality of life at any school, so groundsmen play a vital role. I gained a huge amount of experience, had relevant training, passed many qualifications and was fortunate to find a career I love!  This started to make me think…

With my contacts throughout the sporting world I had a number of approaches from clubs about working for them on their grounds. This resulted in RD Groundcare being born and started working with our first few clients. Through word of mouth these few clients grew and grew in an organic way. This natural process, always adding new partnerships and retaining our current commitments, has built to our client base on just word of mouth from happy clients. Of course, each sports ground has away teams playing on it each weekend and I have found people notice, and people talk!

I now run the business in a very hands’ on way. I have invested in top of the range and specialist machinery, a great team and team training. I am immensely proud of RD Groundcare, the values we uphold, our reliability and our conduct.

At RD Groundcare we have a long list of qualifications:

  • Level 3, National Award inSports Turf Management, at distinction.
  • PA1, 2 + 6, chemical handing and spraying licence.
  • A sound mechanical knowledge of all machinery.
  • CS31 + 32, chainsaw and tree felling licence.
  • and much more, however, most importantly..

I look forward to hearing from you and working with you in future.