We provide variety of services - all of which can be taylored to suite individual needs:

- Full year-round maintenance programmes.
- Short term maintenance programmes.
- Ground assessment and diagnostics.
- Annual or standalone fertiliser programmes.
- Ground care and care programme advice.
- Revovation projects.
- Other stand-alone projects.
- Turf pest and disease control.

Cricket Grounds

At RDGroundcare we look after many cricket grounds and understand the art of preparing wickets. We work with more than a dozen clubs in Surrey, Hampshire and West Sussex – providing first class pitch preparation. This can be anything from daily visits, to one off projects, such as scarifying the square or treating for weeds. At some clubs the captain simply pushes the stumps in and the game is ready to play!

We can also look after the rest of your home ground.  Whether this be cutting and shaping the hedges around the site, small tree work or cutting the outfield in a striking pattern!  We mark boundaries, place ropes, and even build covers and erect nets.

In September, and in line with ECB recommendations, we renovate cricket squares. This is a process carried out annually which removes thatch, weeds and gives new growth for the season ahead. This is a very good way to invest in an improved playing service as it gives a very good return.

Other Winter Sports Grounds

At RDGroundcare we also prepare grounds for other sports. Anything from football, grass tennis, croquet or rugby to marking out athletics track for sports day. 
Again, we have demonstrated the little and often approach to maintenance gives an increase in games played, reflected in greater club revenues. Wecarry out all processes from the initial marking in of pitches to goal mouth repair or reseeding, or even goal erection – and everything in-between. 
Imagine turning up on a cold Saturday, seeing those stripes in the deep green grass and welcoming the excited opposition to your home pitch!


Home & Away

At RDGroundcare we also provide services for private property owners. We have the capacity to offer a variety of different services throughout the year.

We can seed that lawn that will not grow, control the moss or rid your lawn of unwanted weeds.  We also undertake garden clearance, removing and replanting of trees, plants and hedging. We will undertake grass cutting, leaf clearance as well as levelling and turfing your garden.

We will do anything to help you enjoy your dream outdoor space!